"This documentary serves as yet another revolutionary milestone in Greg Everett and the entire catalyst athletic team's pursuit to further the sport of olympic weightlifting. If you're anything like me, you'll get goosebumps and teary eyed just by watching the trailer. A must watch for anyone who remotely considers themselves an athlete of the iron."

"Great film!!! Excellent stories of excellent people doing excellent things! Greg Everett is a genius. Thank you to him, for his hard work!"
R. Whitney Mansfield

"If you’re a weightlifter you’ve probably already bought this movie. If you haven’t yet done so you really should – it’s a must see. Just buy it, start it, and the rest will take care of itself. If you’re a family member of a weightlifter or love or know a weightlifter and they haven’t already dragged you in front of the screen to watch “American Weightlifting” you owe to yourself to buy it and watch it. It’s a great vehicle that promotes an understanding of why we do it, what it takes and the rewards we gain. Bravo Greg Everett."
Thomas A. Brown

"If you are in any way a fan of the sport of weightlifting, this is a great documentary. As a complete Nohvice (I mispelled this on purpose) lifter, this was entertaining, heartwarming, and well worth the money spent. I bought it as a digital download, which was very easy and hassle free to do on the catalyst website."
Julian Corwin

"I couldn't wait for this film to come out, and needless to say, it was outstanding. The in-depth interviews with athletes, coaches, and legends tell the story of a sport that has struggled to gain recognition and success in the U.S., and yet grows through the intense love of those who do it. Greg has created a masterpiece here that gives Ken Burns a run for his money. You won't want to miss this one."
J. White

"Great movie! American Weightlifting is a love letter to the art of weightlifting. The tough, irrational and sometimes maddening state of of one of the purest sports and most beneficial sports in the United States."
Guillermo Ruiz

"Great documentary on the sport of Olympic weightlifting. What I enjoyed most about the film is the exposure to the sport. It is great that these programs exist is schools and that the focus is the get more kids involved. They are the ones that are the future for not only Olympic weightlifting but for society in general. I hope with this type of film it will bring out more coaches and will encourage more facilities to open and to teach this sport. I do give a lot of credit to CrossFit because in my own experience it is what introduced me to these specific lifts."
Donna M Picerno

"This movie was awesome. If you like anything about weightlifting you'll love this movie. It inspired me to pursue my goals of competing and coaching in Canada. A must see for any lifter or Crossfitter."
Silviu Bona

"Anyone that is into weightlifting has to see this. It really gives you an insight on where the sport is and where it started in this country."
August Savello

"This movie is for the weightlifter and the lay person, and accurately portrays the efforts of US weightlifting. To assume a 2 hr documentary would include every caveat of the sport is asinine and childish. What this movie does great is set the benchmark for future documentaries and also gives the audience a true measure of the disparity in the sport. The footage is anything but weak, the filming was done brilliantly. If you watch closely, you will see when the tone of the movie goes dark and depressive the lifts being shown are predominately misses (smart filming!). There will always be harsh critics that claim this work of art should of included every gym involved in the sport or should mention every American lifter of the past 50 years. But those critics would be miserable even if the director did such feats."

"Greg Everett's "American Weightlifting" is an inspired and thoughtful look into the past, present and future of this sport. Told from the perspective of athletes and coaches within the sport, the film confronts the challenges that face weightlifters, coaches, and the existence of the sport in the United States. Deeply candid interviews frame the passion that so many have for what is an obscure and struggling sport. The fact that the entire film was essentially a 1-man operation, from concept to execution is a testament to Greg's passion and work ethic."
Josh Cook

"Not only a documentary on the state of weightlifting in North America, but a personal account of its history in the US that shows the passion too few people have for the sport. An excellent movie that will fuel your own drive for excellence. Now lets go out and lift."
Debbie Morrow

"AMAZING. this is such a captivating depiction of the world of weightlifting....the passion, hard work, determination, and persistence needed in this sport. Overall, it beautifully describes the heart of this sport...the contrast between the continuous personal struggles and a zen-like relationship created between the lifter and the bar. I hope everyone--lifters and non-lifters-- watch this movie and the sport of weightlifting finally begins to gain the recognition that it deserves!"

"Awesome look at the sport of weightlifting through the eyes and words of the coaches that have been in the trenches for years. It was inspiring to hear their stories and learn more about the history of the sport in the US."
Nick Momrick

"I absolutely loved the documentary. I am a total nerd about the history of weightlifting and Greg Everett does such a great job of going to the sources of it all. You CAN NOT just youtube this information and expect the same experience. I am completely inspired by what you have created here in this film. To not only train harder, but also grow the sport I love so much."
Evan Wallis

"Great movie!!!! As a beginner this really helped me to see the community in weightlifting. The only bad thing about the movie was that it was hard to sit there and watch everyone clean and jerk and snatch, I wanted to be right there with them. Can't wait to share this movie with all of my friends."

"What a wonderful view of a sport so individual and so seductive for those who fell in love with the bar and plates! Whether you are familiar to oly lifting, a crossfit athlete or interested in sports, this documentary is a must. Greg Everett gives you a close up view of a sport renowned internationaly yet misunderstood in America and the athletes and coaches who love it."
Ralh Pedicini

"A really interesting and inspiring documentary on the struggles of weightlifting! You really should buy and watch this as it's a great movie!"

"This is a movie about grit and determination at its core. I found it very interesting and inspiring!"
Frankly Todd

"This documentary is powerful, informative, and artfully accomplished. Greg has done a great job on this documentary. I will watch it again and again and encourage others to watch it as well."
Brett Muratori

"This was stunning. Beautifully put together. Sincere interviews and stories told, while documenting the struggle, the angst and the poverty that athletes in these 'non-American-showbiz' sports feels. I could connect with the journey and find camaraderie in my own Olympic quest, knowing that I'm not alone with the things I feel. It gave me courage and motivation to push on! A must see to get your inspiration on!"
Ursula Grobler

"American weightlifting is an amazing documentary, engaging since minute 1 for the athlete, the non athlete and the one who is interested in getting into the sport."

"solid movie to BE the catalyst for what we hope for in change for a sport. it has to start somewhere, awareness of the issues, the intricacies of the drug testing, the behind the scenes grass roots building blocks..all very important to see if you want advancement in the sport at the world stage. great movie, great idea."

"Wonderful and engaging, heartwarming, poignant and thoroughly entertaining! This documentary tells a story that needs to be told. Weightlifting is an incredibly beautiful sport. This documentary digs into the passions that underlie why so many athletes continue to pursue it despite the odds and despite the fact that it is a under-known and under-appreciated sport."
Team CrossFit Survival

"Seeing the grit and determination of those involved in the sport is very motivating and helped me draw parallels to my own sport. But the depth of the film also shows how unique the sport is and the individual stories that the sport is built on. More sports need someone to take such a detailed look in the mirror as Greg Everett has done with this film."
Martin Bingisser

"This film is wonderful. I love the "down to earth" tone of the movie. It is the story of "real athletes" who are doing what they love for a shot at a few minutes of glory. They want to compete against the best weightlifters in the world and against all odds - beat them. "

"A first of its kind look into the underdog American sport of weightlifting by those who love it and have worked hard to bring it to a higher level. American Weightlifting is a story well told, both touching and motivating."

"Great Documentary on Weightlifting in the US. Loved hearing the stories behind some the the best coaches in the sport."

"American Weightlifting was inspiring for a number of reasons. First of all, the athletes and coaches in the movie were incredibly dedicated and driven. They love the sport and it means so much more to them than success on the platform. It's a way of life and they're passionate about it. Second, the movie was made on basically no budget, with no help from really anyone. The fact that this movie even exists is inspiring. And the fact that it's good is even more inspiring! I highly recommend watching it if you're looking for some inspiration in weightlifting or life in general. "

"Reverent and well-produced doc celebrating the under-appreciated world of American weightlifting. Pays tribute to some of the originals and gives a poignant call-to-action for the next generation. Support the cause and celebrate the folks grinding it out. "

"A very well thought out and deep history of Olympic weightlifting in the U.S. I only recently began doing these lifts but have become obsessed and this film helped me understand the sport as it stands today. Greg is a great writer and this movie proves that he is also a great visual storyteller. Thank you! "

"I think you judge documentaries by the passion brought forth by the creator. Greg Everett has done a fantastic job illustrating the current state of affairs in America regarding weightlifting, the training and financial issues facing the talent in this country if they want to rise to the top. The movie didn't pull any punches and illustrated the enormous mountain we have to climb in this country to develop the talent we most certainly have at every level. I'm relieved to know there is hope (as evidence by this amazing movie) and look forward to a resurgence in this sport for folks from all walks of life. "

"Amazing look into the world of USA Olympic Weightlifting. Greg did a truly inspired job with this creation especially demonstrating the incredible work that coaches throughout this country are doing to promote this sport. It's a beautiful film that perfectly demonstrates the fantastic nature of the sport of weightlifting."

"This IS American weightlifting. The opening prologue by Greg says it all. Brutal, exhausting, no money, no recognition. You just have to love it, even when it doesn't love you back. As a weightlifter and a weightlifting coach, this documentary spoke to me from intro to conclusion. Where I coach, no one knows what weightlifting is. From my clubs in Wichita and Burden, Kansas, you would have to travel 160 miles to the north or 150 miles to the south to run into the next club. When I wear my weightlifting club or event t-shirts, I get asked all the time if I'm a powerlifter or how much I bench. America needs to know what weightlifting is. It is a beautiful sport that no one knows about. I do everything I can to advance the sport in my small corner of the country and it's so great to see such a high quality documentary come out about our sport that can be used to reach a multitude of, hopefully, future weightlifters. I am a high school strength and conditioning teacher and plan to show this video to all of my classes. Thank you to Greg Everett and everyone else that works tirelessly to advance the sport of weightlifting in the USA."
Brittany Jonker

"I thought this documentary was executed really well. As a relatively new Olympic Weightlifter (about a year of legitimate training), it was really neat to see some of the lineage behind the sport in the US. The fact that it has never really taken off in the US is puzzling to me, though, there might just be too many mainstream sports here to have room for it.

I'm glad that the rise of CrossFit was mentioned and was attributed to a mini-surge in weightlifting over the last few years. With no television coverage of weightlifting specifically it would seem that the most effective method would be through CrossFitters are which path they want to pursue heaviest (Oly vs. Gymnastics vs. GPP).

My favorite parts came in talking about high schools and youth programs that are taking on olympic lifting as a point of emphasis. The discipline and focus on detail has a great crossover to kids and how they can benefit most in life as well as athletics."

"American Weightlifting is a down to earth, low budget, no frills or special effects look into the beautiful sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Like many people these days I am a newcomer to weightlifting because of CrossFit. Despite my growing love for weightlifting I still have a limited knowledge of the history of Weightlifting in America. Greg Everett's documentary is wonderful in the way he weaves the nostalgic stories of the past with the hopes and dreams of the future for this sport in America. Throughout the film you hear the heartfelt stories from athletes and coaches alike. They talk about how they got into weightlifting, who mentored and inspired them, why they do what they do, and what they hope the future will be like for the next generations. The people interviewed range from weightlifting legends like Mike Burgener, John Thrush and Danny Camargo (to name a few). But there are also some unknown athletes. I loved hearing these athletes as they expressed their love affair with the barbell. How they struggle through literal blood, sweat and tears every day for those few seconds on the platform. But it's not one of those documentaries where you watch people sit in front of a camera. Only a few moments out of each person's interview do you really see them talking. Most of the time, as they are talking you are watching athletes train. There were times when I found myself calling out at the athlete on the screen..."Come on...up, Up, UUUPP!!" If you have ever worked on any of the Oly Lifts you probably would be too.

American Weightlifting was a four year project fully completed by Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics. He wrote, directed, produced, filmed and edited the documentary himself. That in itself is not only praiseworthy but is a symbol of what Weightlifting in America is; a beautiful sport that unlike the more lucrative team sports of this country, is still unknown and under appreciated. And this film does a wonderful job of pointing that out because instead of having a "woa is me" attitude leak through there is instead a hope that drives a passion to change the future of weightlifting in America.

I could go on and on and on about every little detail of this film, but then you wouldn't have a reason to watch it. So, do yourself a this film! Learn about Weightlifting in America, support your local weightlifter and while you're at it, find a good gym and try it for yourself!"